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Next Events

IX Gathering of the Indigenous Peoples of the Americas and The Convening of the United Indigenous Nations
August 22-26, 2007
The School of Mines, University of South Dakota and the Crazy Horse Monument
The Native Spirit Return
Fall Conference

October 11-15, 2004
Lake Washington Technical College
11605 132nd Avenue NE
Kirkland, WA 98034
Starting 9 am Daily with Traditional Ceremonies

You are cordially invited to attend a three-day Peace and Healing event honoring the 150th. Year anniversary of Chief Seattle's statement that has become a treasure of wisdom valued around the world.

On October 11-13, the focus shall be Peace and Healing with persons of all nations and confessions present. Then on October 14-15, attendees are invited to also participate in a conference that will involve two days of Indigenous regional reports, development of new initiatives, and breakout group workshops.

The site of the event in the Pacific NW is at:

Lake Washington Technical College
11605 132nd. Ave. NE
Kirkland, WA 98034
West Building, Room 404
Contact: Sandy Johnson 425-739-8102
Contact: George S. James, Jr. 206-854-3876

Mother Earth and her children are experiencing tremendous stress and pain. We desire to promote peace and healing. All representatives of your people, tribe, church, or organization are cordially invited. Please bring your regalia, drums, and instruments.

Representatives will be asked to participate in presentations along with other highly skilled and knowledgeable speakers. The last two days of the conference will be devoted to regional reports and plans of action.

The event is sponsored by Lake Washington Technical College Diversity Committee, United Native Nations, and the Native Gathering of the Americas.
Donations of funds for the expenses of this International Indigenous Legislative Assembly are welcome. The suggested amounts are as follows and they are based upon the economic health of tribes participating.

UNN Financial Co-chairs: George S. James, Jr. (206-852-6505) or Dennis Starr (ph. 907-780-5802).

14055 1st Av. NW, Seattle, WA 98177

Map and directions to event.


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