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Past Presidents

1974 Jim Lawson

1975 George Bloom

1976 William Duay

1977 Wayne Guffin

1978 Wayne Guffin

1979 Corlyn Deatherage

1980 Corlyn Deatherage

1981 Edwin Warner

1982 Louise Ghidossi


1983 John Fechter

1984 Roy May

1985 Roy May

1986 Dave Kauderer

1987 Herb Brown

1988 Grant Hornberger

1989 Jim Cranston

1990 Fred Grimshaw

1991 Warren Meyer


1992 George Enkoji

1993 Earl Feike

1994 Michael Radford

1995 Earle Lowart

1996 Earle Lowart

1997 Gale Humphrey

1998 Ed Day

1999 Bob Gilbert

2000 Stan Moorhead

2001 Ron Faina

2002 Bruce Riker

2003 D. Ross Parker

2004 Jim Noble

2005 Beverley Radford

2006 Hubert Bryant

2007 Al Hornbuckle

2008 Al Hornbuckle




In my two years as being your president, a lot of people dug in and did their jobs, making this time a success. I want to express my appreciation to the board and trustees for their continued support.

Also, a big thank you goes to all the volunteers for their hard work and dedication.

Special thanks to the Woodland Senior Center staff and to the Woodland Elks Lodge for their continual support.

I hope with all the help and support from the board and the volunteers, this program will continue to run smoothly and Linda Nantz will enjoy a successful year.


Thank you again,

Al Hornbuckle



A very special “Thank You” to the Elks Lodge of Woodland

for hosting this annual dinner and quarterly breakfasts.


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